Do you have staff on the move using paperwork?

SCENTIAS is innovative Android App that enables your staff out on the road to capture data , with or without mobile reception. SCENTIAS reduces paper, lowers your carbon footprint, saves time, fuel, money and improves your overall productivity.

Simply by using an Android smart phone or tablet, SCENTIAS allows a mobile team or workforce to capture data and complete PDF documents such as Inspections, Audits, Invoices, Legal documents etc.. It also speeds up customer sign-off and transmission back to the head office, thereby improving your customer service fulfilment.

Whether your a small, medium or large business, a plumber, electrician, couriers, building control or surveyors or have a large team of people out on the road, Scentias works with any size of operation whether your doing inspections, audits, customer sign-off, service fulfilment or compliance.

Suitable for both small field based teams or larger contractor workforces, our platform provides many other features like Staff tracking, Live Chat, Live Reporting of issues and much more.

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What are the benefits of using Scentias?

  • Cost Reductions - Cutting out manual reporting, duplicated data entry, inputting errors, re-keying etc
  • Increased Efficiency - reduced paperwork, real-time data capture and delivery from and to multiple recipients
  • Flexibility - No reception? No problem with our offline data capture
  • Better Customer Service - Quicker response and communication between customer’s requests and people on site
  • Greater Visibility - Field activity, issued tasks, alerts, live updates and tracking
  • Lower Investment - Android technology, so cost effective for deploying to small or large teams
  • Fast Deployment - Easy setup to get you moving, we can also integrate with your existing systems


We offer a managed service, we support you, we adjust/create documents, plus advise you of any features in Scentias to help your business grow.


Leave it to us, we can take your documents and convert them to our software and overlay the relevant data capture options ready for your staff to use.


We can provide on-site or virtual training. We can show you and your staff how each section of Scentias works and answer any of your questions.


We offer different levels of support, depending on your size and requirements throughout the life cycle of using Scentias, please ask for more information.




Data capture in real-time delivered to the back office.


Track and talk in real-time to your staff, identifying their location and current job assignment.

Signatures and data on the move

In field document and data capture for any type of document such as maintenance and inspection routines, product information and customer surveys etc..

Management Control Panel

Management and user control dashboards with modules that can easily be tailored your business requirements.

Flexibility even underground

We use online and offline data, so even if you have no reception, you can still capture that vital information then send it instantly when there's a signal.

Alert systems

Quick alerts and Full Reporting Alerts to raise alarms to managers or detailed alerts with incident report and ability to attach images to that.




We are a long established business that specialises in software development, mobile apps and web development dating back to 1999. We have built over 40 Apps and Games in our time and have experience with working with small to large enterprises, here in Essex and across the UK and Worldwide.

Scentias was born out of discussions with our bank and the amount of paperwork, scanning and re-keying errors with setting up accounts. We could see a complex process for Managers on the move to fill out paperwork and get this back, without re-keying errors and felt there was something we could do here to help. So Scentias was born. Original web based then transformed into a mobile app, it has been in development for around 5-6 years. We are continually improving the software based on our customer feedback.


Our Clients

We work with a range of clients across the Essex, Kent, London and the UK and all of them have good experiences with using Scentias.

Our clients range from small cleaning firms, contractor cleaners, plumbers, surveyors, building control, councils and even the local politicians for surveys and canvassing. Our software caters for any type of business, whether you are a one man band, to 500 strong team. So if you want to make that jump from paper to digital, please get in touch.

Our Future

We are here to support and guide you to ensure you get the best out of Scentias and we will continue to improve the features of the software to help you grow your business. Got any questions? Please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.



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